Bath Time Fun with Isabella

Bath Time Fun with Isabella

Isabella is a real water baby and always has been but there are certain times (like when we need to wash her hair and she doesn’t want to) when a certain amount of bribery is needed and I can’t think of a better bribe than SOAP! Kid Stuff Crazy offers some really fun products and they are practical too.

Kid Stuff Crazy Foaming Soap (RRP £2.00)

This one was a little weird for Isabella to understand at first; she thought she was using daddy’s shaving foam and was a little reluctant at first to have fun with it but as soon as she realised she could bounce it off the bath tub, let it float in the water and put her mermaids on and splat it in her hands, she had a whale of a time. She loved the slippery feel in her hands and liked to rub it into her belly before ‘going swimming’ in the tub because it gave her extra slide!

We have two different colours of the foam: white and green and we use the colours to create animals and smiley faces etc before squashing it all and washing. It has a subtle fruity smell to it and is a great way to get messy play contained in the bathroom.

Isabella is a little heavy handed to mould the foam into shapes but she does enjoy watching me make things and then when I pass them to her, she takes great pleasure in squishing them. Kids’ Stuff Crazy Bath Time Body Paint (RRP £2.50).

So I was a little dubious of this product at first, as the thought of body paint and a two year old filled me with horror but it’s actually a brilliant idea; I think I just heard the word paint and imagined it to be the same consistency and have the same mess factor but because it’s got more of a gel texture to it, it doesn’t get into creases and under nails. The soft paint sponge is perfect for painting on skin or the bath tub itself and both have the same fun factor.

We have been using the paints to mix colours and draw in smudged ‘paint’ before painting Isabella (and my arms!) and playing. It’s a great trick to getting your tot to clean themselves because they will actually think they are just getting dirty!

My worry was that everything would be covered in blue ‘paint’ but it’s so easy to rinse off skin and the tub that you aren’t left with coloured marks on towels or the bath.

Kids Stuff Crazy Colour Changing Bubble Bath (RRP £2.50)

This has got to be Isabella’s favourite out of all the products. She loves the ‘magic’ of it and would spend hours in the bath just watching the gel turn the water a different colour as she shakes her hands in the bath water. She plays with the little frog finger puppet a little but I think at the moment, she is so taken with the ‘magic’ that she doesn’t want anything to ruin it! I would say though that it foams a lot better if you pour it under running water rather than simply swilling with your hand as suggested on the bottle.
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