Crazy Soap Big Birthday Bash – Messy, Colourful, Chaotic Fun!

Crazy Soap Big Birthday Bash – Messy, Colourful, Chaotic Fun!

Loud, messy, colourful chaos – my kids were in their element at the Crazy Soap Big Birthday Bash this weekend!

When we were invited to celebrate the 21st birthday of Kid Stuff Crazy Foam Soap, it sounded like a party we didn’t want to miss. Messy play is something we’ve never tried (officially anyway – you should see our living room some days!) so we were keen to give it a go.

The party was hosted by messy party experts, Mess Around Ltd., at Lightcliffe Academy Sports Centre in Halifax. When we arrived the kids were each given a Crazy Soap t-shirt. The large hall was cool, so it was nice to stick another layer on before we got stuck into some messy fun.

The Crazy Soap Big Birthday Bash was advertised as being suitable for children aged 6 months to 5 years old. However, older siblings up to the age of 10 were also able to come to play too. My 4 and 5 year old had more than enough to keep them busy for the entire party. In fact, there were areas that we didn’t get around to visiting.

Before we got too messy we had a stop off at the bun and biscuit decorating station. The kids covered (and I do mean covered) the buns in colourful icing and decorations.

The next stop was the water play stations. I was really surprised at how quiet both kids were. They were so involved in messing around in the water that they hardly made a sound! It was far from quiet in the hall though, as there was kid party music blasting from the speakers. My kids stopped every once in awhile for a few dance moves!

As much as they enjoyed the water play areas, the highlight of the morning for Lily and Leo was definitely the Crazy Foam! I had them take off their shoes and socks and they got absolutely covered in Crazy Foam Soap. I was glad they saved this area for last as they were both pretty drenched (and cold) by the time they were done.

There was a clean up area but I had brought a change of clothes so I just dried the kids off and changed in the corner.

The party ended with a bubble/foam dance, a group photo, a party bag (contents below) and a balloon apiece. The party lasted just over an hour but both kids had a great time.

Best of all – no clean up for me!

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