School Holiday Boredom Breakers!

School Holiday Boredom Breakers!

They're here! Yes you guessed it... the dreaded 6 weeks that schools give our little ones off. But do you know what is worse than the 6 weeks off? Hearing the dreaded... "I'm bored". Well guess what? Us parents are bored of hearing "I'm bored", it's like they know it winds us up! 
So today I thought we'd go through some boredom breakers for your little ones so that they aren't 'bored'. 

We absolutely love to bake! Baking is something that doesn't have to be that expensive or take up a lot of time and you can do it whatever the weather outside. A winner in our books with the way that the British weather is looking at the moment. We love doing the standard cakes, brownies and cookies, but every once in a while we like to try something new. Recently our favourites have been marshmallow treats and decorating them as different things! We have done a monster, rainbow coloured and also a birthday cake flavour that we made with vanilla with sprinkles! These are so easy and your little ones will love them! 

Messy Play
Our household is no exception to loving a little bit of messy play, even if I am the one who has to clean up the mess! But with the Kids Stuff Crazy Foaming Soap, I don't have to! my little ones love to play with this stuff because they can mould, shape and bounce it! When it comes to clean up its pretty easy since its a soap too! The kids love it and I  can clean it up in minutes, win win! The kids like to use their toys in it which are easy to then wash so I'm a very happy mama! All three colours make an appearance in our messy play; pink, blue and white... just because we love it so much! 

Scavenger Hunt 
Before now I have set up treasure hunts in the house for everyone to take part in, this is great for when it's raining out and the kids have cabin fever! It gets them moving and gets their brains working a little bit to work out the clues. I included prizes like little toys and chocolate or sweets. This one is a total winner in our house and the kids absolutely love running around with an aim of finding things around the house. I don't do these as often as the other two, which keeps the idea of a scavenger hunt exciting for them! 

Chores Chart 
This one might seem a little bit boring, but if you give the kids some chores to do where they can exchange their hard work for treats or a trip out, then they are more likely to do them and the chores are a way to kill time when they use the dreaded 'B' word. The more helpful or big the task is, the better the reward! Or you could give each child a list and if they complete the whole thing by the end of the day, they then get a trip to the cinema, bowling or soft play for the younger ones! You get help around the house from the little munchkins and they get treats for being good and well behaved... what a great deal that is! 

These are just a few of the ways I like to keep my kids busy over the Summer hols! Obviously there is no avoiding "I'm bored" during 6 weeks off, but at least these things can help to keep your little one occupied for a little bit longer before using THAT WORD. Happy Summer everyone x
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