Why Little Learners Love Crazy Soap!!

Why Little Learners Love Crazy Soap!!

Little Learners’ love affair with Crazy Soap’s ‘soap foam’ is no secret; all 31 franchises across the country use it in our messy play & mark making classes on a weekly basis. Over the summer, all of our famous park events featured mountains of it! One even had a crazy soap foam slip n slide!!

So why do we use it - because it’s pretty and easy to use? Nope. (Well certainly not JUST because of that!) We use it because it is SO versatile and the mark making and fine motor skills uses are endless.

I fell in love with it during my very first class, when my own child made a little snow-man out of it. I watched him roll the foam in his little 3 year-old hands and create perfect little balls, which he could stack on top of each other! I was amazed how easy it was to form into shapes. A few minutes later another little boy was whacking it together in between his palms and watching perfect little ‘snowflakes’ fall onto his toes. His little face lit up when he realised he had learnt a new skill.

Over the 12 months since my first session, I have used Soap foam on countless occasions and in multiple different ways. Our classes focus on mark making and developing early writing skills. They center around our little mark maker characters which bring the marks we make to life and make them fun and exciting. These characters all represent different types of lines – straight, arched, curved and diagonal. Soap foam comes out easily from the can and can be sprayed into all of our different lines.

I love using dolls and cars in my soap foam trays and putting small brushes and toothbrushes in so that the dolls or cars can be cleaned! Lots of our franchisees regularly make domes and mountains from our soap foam and hide letters, shapes and numbers amongst the foam for the children to find. One of the best ways to use the foam in our classes though is simply just to let the children explore it with their fingers and make marks in it. It is the perfect resource for child led learning, as it lends itself so perfectly to imaginative and creative play. Watching the children rolling it around in their hands and building up their little muscles is such a perfect activity for building fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are so important for the development of early writing and indeed early learning as it allows children to grasp and manipulate mark-making tools such as pens and crayons.

If you would like come along to our award-winning educational messy play classes and find out how we use products such as Crazy Soap to teach early writing skills then visit our website to find your nearest class.

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